RAV provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and individuals to help strengthen family relationships

We provide:

  • relationship support for families and couples
  • parenting programs
  • family mediation
  • support for grief and loss
  • support for dealing with family violence
  • support for men and women
  • help for problem gamblers.


What is counselling?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to discuss issues that are concerning you or causing you to worry.

  • Couple issues.
  • Grief and trauma.
  • Conflict with friends.
  • Sexual problems.
  • Relationship breakdown.
  • Childhood sexual abuse.
  • Parenting issues. 
  • Stress.
  • Family violence. 
  • Work-related tensions and disputes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression



We also offer structured group programs: