Aboriginal Artwork

“Two Worlds Collided” is the title of the artwork featured on this website.

RAV bought the work from Helen (Leni) Morris, a Wotjobaluk woman who was born in 1968, adopted into a non-Aboriginal farming family and raised in the Wimmera. She was reunited with her natural mother and extended family at the age of 17.

Leni has worked in nursing, retail, secretarial and hospitality roles. She has expressed her creativity through writing for many years and has been painting with a passion since 2007.

Leni believes her art is inspired strongly by her cross-cultural heritage and her constant journey of learning incorporating both her past and her present.


About the artwork (in Leni’s words)

“This piece of work symbolises the cross-cultural connection that exists in me, my relationships between two worlds and the hope and possibilities within each.

The colours used mirror Indigenous roots. The shape and background winding across the canvas speak of a track or a path, the circles along which imitate groups gathered at certain pivotal points in the journey.

The intricacy denotes the emotion, growth and memories that are created and stored between people. The outward red semi circled dots and prongs indicate these projecting further. The idea of individual personal experience radiating out into the world."

The link between the path and the universe is the random collision of conception. A free-flowing, ever unfolding tale of perseverance and engagement.”